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Grapes distilled.


Hine Homage XO

A marriage of Early Landed vintage cognacs matured in oak casks in UK and extra old cognacs aged in Hine cellars in Jarnac. 40% 70cl

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H by Hine VSOP

40% 70cl

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Club Cigare Grande Champagne XO Cognac

Richad Delisle Grande Champagne Premier Grand Cru XO Cognac 42% 70cl


Richard Delisle VSOP

VSOP   70cl


Carlos III Solera Reserva Brandy 35cl

Brandy de Jerez Osborne 36% 35cl


Berneroy Calvados 35cl

40% 35cl Youngest calvados from Berneroy from AOC Calvados region. Use over 180 varieties of apple. Wild, spontaneous fermentation and single distilled in column still. Lots of fresh apple, rustic, aromatic, hearty and...


Hine Rare VSOP

40% 70cl

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