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Rum is perhaps the most diverse spirit on the planet and one with the most intriguing of histories. Although its origins root rum to the Caribbean, it is made all across the globe wherever there is access to sugar cane and molasses. From the heavy and pungent pot-still style of Jamaica, through to the balance of Bajan rum, the lighter styles of the column still production of Spanish influenced rums and countries like Trinidad and Tobago and finishing with the terroir-driven Rhum Agricole of Martinique and other French islands, there's a huge array of flavours and styles for you to explore. 

Mezan Jamaica 2007

Monymusk Double Retort Pot Still and Multi-Column 5 Years Tropical Aging 7 Years European Aging Distilled 2007 Bottled 2019 Molasses Unsweetened / Uncoloured / Unchill-filtered 46% 70cl


El Dorado 5YO Rum

Guyana 40% 70cl


Kirk and Sweeney 18YO Rum

Dominican Republic 40% 70cl


Mezan Belize 2008

Belize Ex Bourbon Molasses Triple Column Continous Still Distilled 2008 Bottled 2018 Tropical Aging: 6 years European Aging: 4 years Unsweetend, Uncoloured, Unchill Filtered 46% 70cl

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Transcontinental Fiji 2014 Rum

2014 Fiji 48% 70cl

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Depaz XO Hors DAge Rhum Agricole

Rhum Agricole Martinique 45% 70cl


Atlantico Reserva Rum

Fresh cane juice & Molasses Dominican Republic 40% 70cl  


Cadenheads Classic Rum

Caribbean Rum Non chill-filtered, natural colour. 50% 70cl  

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Four Square Premise Rum

Barbados Rum Exceptional Casks Mark VIII 10 Years in Ex Bourbon and Ex Shery Casks 46% 70cl

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